Thursday, December 30, 2004

god of shazam

read Daniel 10... Daniel is waiting to hear from God, and after three weeks an angel shows up... says that God dispatched him on the first day Daniel prayed, but that the angel experience such violent warfare that he had to ask for more angelic help from heaven.
This story really helped me understand how God works and how some things happen in my life. I always thought that when I prayed, that God was a God of "shazam"... I ask for what I need... and I've learned to sometimes pray in a more broad sense... i.e. "Lord help me with my transportation issue" rather than "Lord, help me find a car" and I thought that God would do one of two things... either
"shazam, I am God and I have decreed the solution to your issue"
"you are not ready for my shazam yet, so I will not move until I see that you have remedied the deficiency that I see, at which time I will say shazam and your issue will be resolved or the answer will be clear to you. Good luck and I hope you fix what I'm looking at sooner than later."
This has put a lot of strain and concern on me, if God seems to be waiting on a critical issue for me, that based on the two options outlined above, I assume option 2 and wonder what it is that I need to rectify.
I now see that although God spoke the universe into existence, he chooses to use alternate means sometimes, and delays that I cannot understand may have causes that I will never really see until I ask Him personally what was going on. And there are many more options than
1. shazam, or 2. fix yourself then shazam.


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