Thursday, December 30, 2004

barbequed goat

I agree with many conservatives that public assistance is not something that should experience growth if possible (government is rarely the best answer)... but as a Christian, this belief comes with an added responsibility... I cannot as a Christian allow people to go hungry and unclothed and uncared for... so if I vote for a conservative government that limits social assistance, and my vote helps win, I have therefore put MYSELF in a position that I PERSONALLY need to take up the slack. I need to present the love of Christ in a very physical and direct way... not once in a while, but continually. My vote has made a persistent difference in the care and comfort of people in need, so therefore I need to make up the difference persistently. What do each of us do EVERY WEEK that shows the love of God in a tangible way? Until four years ago, that answer for me would closely approximate "sweet diddley squat". My family and I consumed all I made. That'd make me a fat goat from Jesus' perspective, suitable for a long-term barbeque.


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